Facility Condition Assessments (FCA) provides accurate and robust data for all structures, systems and equipment on a facility.

The portfolio of our services encompass expertise for initial assessment, scope definition, engineering design and review, installation, commissioning and final acceptance.

This process is applicable to both relatively new and aged assets and specifically fulfills the requirements for an owner/operator for asset management, due diligence/pre-purchase requirements.

We deliver total solutions that assist to reduce costs, mitigate business risk and optimize your operations.


  • Provide a concise understanding on the condition, status and OPEX required to meet requirements
  • Reduce unplanned events and increases availability/uptime and operational safety
  • Ability to predict how much, when and where expenditure is to be allocated on the facility
  • Achieve compliance and provides assurance that the equipment is safe, reliable and fit for the intended purpose.


The initial facility assessment is key to the success of both the start-up and completion phases of any project. When executed correctly, the outcome is the avoidance of unplanned events, cost overruns in shipyard and mobilisation delays thus a greater return on investment from the asset.

Assessment Scope of Work

The scope of work is to complete a Hardware and structure/hull assessment of the facility, with particular emphasis on Safety and Operational Critical equipment. Safety procedures and equipment normally audited by HSE can also be included.  Over the course of the assessment and while in machinery spaces and on deck areas, associated hull and structural items are also given detailed visual inspections.


Applicable Standards and Guidelines

  • ARC Facility Condition Assessment Recommended Practices
  • Owners/Operators Maintenance Manual.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers maintenance and operating specifications.
  • Accepted oilfield operating and safety practices.
  • Owner’s or Operators Standard Maintenance Tasks.


The objective of a Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) is to provide management with an unbiased, comprehensive, and fair evaluation of the condition of the facility, systems and its equipment.